Project Management

 Tippmann Management is fully capable of forming and leading a project team anywhere in the United States.   The ability to quickly understand the objectives and constraints of a particular client’s effort is paramount in the eventual success of any project.  After first understanding the client’s needs, alternative solutions are evaluated and proposed in order that a unified set of short and long term goals are established.  Resources are identified and budgeted to meet these objectives.  The client’s objectives are presented to the stakeholders for buy in and a system of monitoring and reporting is established.

Regardless of the project’s duration, the methods of management is essentially the same; establishment of the objectives, formation of the resources and continual leadership, monitoring through closeout.

Property Workout Evaluation 

In today’s economic environment, many property owners, lenders and end users are forced to face decisions involving the use and disposition of real estate assets.  Tippmann can assist in these evaluations by understanding the client’s needs, preparing multiple alternative solutions enabling the client’s best decision.  Once a course of action is established, the company can execute the established plan.


Property Highest and Best Use Study 

Tippmann Management’s thorough understanding of all aspects of property ownership and  development provides a unique ability to evaluate a property’s potential.  Once the likely highest and best use is recognized, the remaining question is timing.  Regardless of the assumed length of time, the recognition of the property’s future uses will aid in many decisions needing to be made that will greatly impact the property’s current and future value. 


Property Positioning and Entitlements 

While economic conditions dictate many owners and developers wait for recovery, now is an excellent time to take advantage of opportunities to acquire permits, entitlements and incentives.  The costs for professional resources are competitive and many municipalities are eager to place properties into productive use once the business community is ready to reengage.  The time necessary to acquire these entitlements and grants are significantly less than in the recent past.  This time compression will result in cost savings as well.


Real Estate Brokerage and Site Selection 

Many opportunities exist for buyers and sellers in today’s real estate marketplace.  As a licensed real estate professional in Ohio, Bill is capable or representing a client in the acquisition of a property or a property owner is the sale or lease of an existing property. 

Tippmann is currently working with several clients with specific criteria to acquire properties.  These include brownfield and industrial properties enabling these clients to utilize their highly specialized skills in the ownership and operation of these real estate assets. 

The company is also capable of organizing and executing a site acquisition program for retail users anywhere in the country.  Tippmann’s experience with a national drug store client proved quite successful.


Value Engineering Evaluations 

Tippmann Management is capable of providing peer review comments on an as needed basis for established or ongoing project efforts.  Another set of eyes can often bring fresh thinking to an effort, thus providing a cost effective level of comfort that the correct decisions are being made.


Brownfield Property Analysis and Development 

Bill Tippmann as had extensive experience in the evaluation and development of many environmentally challenged properties.  With today’s emphasis on urban infill development, the likelihood of encountering these circumstances is great.  Experiences range from the closure of many former fuel station sites to the negotiation of satisfactory solutions to several former landfill properties. 

Once a level of credibility is established with the regulating bodies involved, a team of knowledgeable professions is engaged.  Many otherwise fallow pieces of land are now being placed back into productive use with cost effective measures. 


Construction Management 

There is no clearly established line between development management, project management and construction management.  Clearly large scale construction projects require significant resources should the CM form of project delivery be chosen.  In cases were the prime contractor(s) form of project delivery is the best course of action, Tippmann has a long history of providing oversight and owner representation to insure successful and cost effective completion of construction efforts.