CVS Stores

Minneapolis, MN and Cincinnati, OH

Beginning in 2003, shortly after joining Bear Creek Capital, Bill Tippmann was responsible for the development and construction of 15 CVS Pharmacy stores in the Cincinnati and Minneapolis metro areas.  The fee based assignment began with site identification and concluded with store openings.  In many cases, the property acquisition phase included the remediation of existing environmental conditions, typically petroleum issues from sites prior uses as filling stations.


Once the identified sites were approved by the clients’ real estate committee, the individual projects would be entitled prior to property acquisition.  The nature of the properties identified in the Minneapolis market, typically urban infill sites, required extensive community outreach.  Bill led these efforts as well as efforts to acquire agreements with peripheral property owners for utility and vehicular access.


Bidding and construction of all site improvements and building facilities were also under Bill’s control.  Reporting structure to the client included monitoring of all predevelopment and construction costs, scheduling updates and new project identification.