Eat Street

Eat Street Flats and Market -  Minneapolis, MN


Beginning in 2003, as a function of Bear Creek’s efforts to identify and develop new store locations in the Minneapolis, MN market, an urban infill site was identified as a potential CVS location immediately south of the Minneapolis CBD.  In the district known locally as Eat Street due to the many restaurant locations, Bear Creek assembled five parcels and negotiated a lease with CVS to anchor the first floor retail component of the development.


A joint venture was formed with a local urban residential developer, Lupe Development Partners to construct a facility with sub grade parking, 21,000 sf of first floor retail space and three floors of wood framed residential area with 63 market rate condominium units (Link attached).


Bill’s responsibilities included overall project management through groundbreaking.  He led the entitlement and extensive community outreach efforts and participated in securing brownfield grants to remediate petroleum contamination remaining on one of the assembled parcels.


The project was completed and occupied in 2007.

William Tippmann,
Apr 1, 2010, 7:47 AM